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Podiobooks.com presents
MOREVI: The Chronicles of Rafe & Askana
Legacy of Morevi PREVIEW
Prologue: Luck of the Draw
The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy
a podcast that provides a self-promotion strategy for Fantasy authors

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Best Speculative Fiction (Long Form)
Best Writing Podcast

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Legacy of Morevi preview

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July 22nd, 2005


Listener Feedback
from the MOREVI podcast
Read more listener feedback on Podiobooks.com

I enjoyed [MOREVI] immensely. It was exciting but still deep and intricate, the characters were interesting and well rounded, and your reading was spot on. I definately agree that providing a novel like this, free of charge, is a great way to get your name out there. To be perfectly honest I hadn't heard of you before finding Podiobooks.com, and now I'm planning to pick up a few of your novels (starting with Legacy of Morevi).

I have also started listening to your The Survival Guide to Writing Fantasy podcast and I'm really enjoying it. Along with Mur Lafferty's I Should be Writing, Holly Lisle on Writing, and a few others, I feel I know much more about the aspects of writing beyond writing than I did just a few weeks ago.

As I said in my blog, and in the comments on the Podiobooker blog, this is all very exciting and inspiring for me. Now I just have to sit my butt in the chair and actually finish something so I can join in.

— Jerimiah Clark
Portland, ME

Ever since I read the original Dune series by Frank Herbert all other books suffered by comparison. The "plans within plans" plots and turns made all subsequent reading experiences boring... that is until I found MOREVI.

MOREVI's story, characters, and plots are some of the best I've ever come across. This story is addictive, keep up the good work.

— Ruben Alcaraz
Newhall, CA

Hey Tee, I just finished listening to the podiobook of Morevi. It was absolutely great...I cried at the epilogue. Of course, I'm a hopeless sap, so that might not mean much. If you plan to do another one, you might want to consider investing in a compresser...some of the loud bits were a little too loud. And dear god man, get a pop filter! Heehee. Anyway, love it love it love it. Will be starting on the copy of Legacy I got at Stellarcon once school gets out. Maybe even sending some Askana art your way. At some point. ^_~ Your daughter's performance was stellar, A-1, very moving. She's got quite a career ahead of her.

— Nuri Steinhauer
High Point, North Carolina

I've had an iPod for about four months now, and all that I ever do on it is listen to podiobooks. There are a lot of great works out there, but none of them have held me quite like MOREVI.

— Vance Twitty
Chattanooga, Tennessee

Just wanted to drop you line to tell you that I'm lovin' Morevi. I used to read a lot of fantasy when I was a teenager but kind of got tired of it. But Morevi is really taking me back to the good times I used to have reading David Eddings, Raymond Feist, Tolkien, Terry Brooks, etc. Going nuts with the one a week timed delivery but that's ok. Suspense never killed a man.

— Terrance Young of the Kobe Beef Podcast
Kobe, Japan

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Morevi's first fan in Japan! One step closer to that dream anime I want so badly for Rafe and Askana...

Fantastic book, I'm hooked and would love to hear you read another. Many thanks for hours of happy commuting on the other side of the rift, in England.

— Elaine Bowler
Wallingford, Oxfordshire, England

I wish I had your deft hand at prose. I have gone on a Morevi kick, and have listened nonstop to the whole story again. (However, my husband did insist on my taking out the earbuds last night for a bit...ahem.)

Hoping to see you out there at the Draco Vista Studios in the spring, so I can get Legacy signed! Should be receiving it soon, and can't wait. Thanks for not dribbling it out like Scott Sigler with Ancestor...that bastard. He just loves to tease his audience.

So along with being an Earthcrack addict, and an Ancestwhore, I can add the dubious title of being a Morevidiot. Or maybe a Morevelationist. Or even a Morevisionary.

— Karen Clark
California, USA

AUTHOR'S NOTE: I guess this means I can't make the claim that "Morevi is better than sex." Darnitall! I wonder if Sigler or Jeffrey have this obstacle to face, too...

I think Michael & Evo was the first podcast I listened to, and after a few weeks of listening, I decided to download and try the first chapter of Morevi. I fired up my lawnmower, jumped on and queued up Morevi. I was hooked. As a father of three with a high pressure job, I don't have time for too much nonsense: I don't play my Xbox as much as I'd like, my comic collection grows each month with 50% remaining unread, etc. Morevi was different. I made time for Morevi.

My lawn is just over an acre and takes about 2 hours to cut. This summer I was making excuses to cut the grass 2 times each week just so I could listen to Morevi constantly! In fact, towards the end of the story, I found myself laying in bed at night wearing headphones with my wife casting contemptuous glares in my general direction.

I bought the actual book after I was done with the podcast version. I visited your site today to remind myself of Morevi, and just saw that Legacy of Morevi is out! I intend to order it from Amazon as soon as I finish this message. Thank you for entertaining me and taking me across the rift with you so many times this past summer. If you are ever in Michigan, I would very much enjoy getting together for a good single malt scotch and a Cuban cigar.

— Steve Kozle
Novi, Michigan

I really loved the story! You did a hell of a job on both writing and reading it! I have over an hour commute one way so I don't get a lot of time to READ per say. (not to mention, it puts me to sleep!) I have recently discovered the podiobooks and love them! They are perfect for me! I have listened to MOREVI, The Pocket and the Pendant and EarthCore. Thanks!

— Mark Williamson
West Point, VA

I loved the podcast. It was a great story and very entertaining. I especially liked the voices you did. I really like how you did Lubria's voice. It definitely added to the fey image and really made you take note every time she spoke. Only a couple times did I have trouble following who was who, and that was mainly around Askana's guards, so none of the key characters.

I look forward to your next podiobook.

— James McElroy
Boulder, CO

I just finished listening to Morevi. I only have one thing to say: AMAZING!

You now have an avid fan in Oklahoma. It has been very inspiring to me. Thank you.

— Jack Hosley
Wagoner, OK

I discovered the MOREVI podcast and was instantly hooked. It's an amazing story, and the podcast has great production values, I love all the musical effects. I was really pleased that you offered to release your book in audio form for free online. It's not something many authors or publishers would do.

I would tell my friends to listen to the podcasts becuase the audio recordings are done so well. The voices, the music, the inflections on specific words. Chapter 18 I listened to twice becuase the climctic scenes were just so engaging and exhilerating. Okay I went back and listened to Chapter 17 and the Epilogue as well, but that's just becuase I'm a sucker for romance, especially after I've spent an entire book getting emotionally attached to the characters. Not sure why but I started caring about Rafe and Askana much more than I do about many characters in fantasy novels.

— Asa Swain
Boston, MA

Hey Tee, I loved the Morevi podcast. Great Story. I was wondering, though, with the release of iTunes 4.9, you'd be able to stick all the chapters up on the podcast feed. It's a much better way to organize the chapters than just doing it maunally, plus the tracks are bookmarkable. It'd also let people who find it in iTunes to get the whole story.

— Reid Bode
Chanhassen, MN

AUTHOR'S NOTE: The answer is "Yes." MOREVI will soon be available in its entirety through the iTunes Music Store's Podcast section. Right now, we are still working out the details. Thanks for asking.

I really liked it. Brought your book from Amazon.com after chapter... Think it was 16 or something.

You read it well, but sometimes you read it a litle too slow. Just lost the interest when you did so...I think you could have dropped the sound effects in the podcast. I thought they was just disturbing and irritating. And to be honest, they didn't sound too good either.

But I soon found out that I could not live another day without reading the rest of this wonderful book! So, of course, I brought it right away. A few weeks later (international shipping takes time, you know...) I had the book and I don't regret getting it.

By the way, I have already pre-ordered Legacy of Morevi and I'm really looking forward to it!

— Jo Daniel Aleksandersen
Lillehammer, Oppland, Norway

I'm lovin the podcast...listening in at work. Always loved a radio cast drama. and this one is absolutely scumptous! i'll still buy the book and will await the next installment. Your characters are
interesting...good work. Many thanks to you and Lisa Lee.

(follow-up posted on June 11 after the airing of Chapter Twenty)
OUT-FRELLIN-STANDING TEE/LISA! I am SO enjoying this podcast as well as the book (more detail and i had to have it)...dont keep us waiting too long for the sequel...

— Tracey Bolden
Seattle, WA

Classic history-fantasy, but with a Shakespearian feel to it.  The diction and enunciation of Tee are rather spectacular (and I strive to emulate its precision, frankly), as is his use of the medium as a whole. 

— Mark Jeffrey, author of The Pocket and The Pendant
copy this link to subscribe to his podiobook

i've begun converting others to the 'cause. Already I have my younger brother listening to the chapters, next up is my older brother. I've also informed a number of the luddites at work, you'd be surprised at how many of them stop you and ask what you're listening to when you walk around with the iPod on.

I love your characters. When I learn more about them I will be concentrating more on what they say than how they say it. I guess the key is finding the right reaction for each character, in relation to the personality and how they would react to the stress levels of whatever situations they find themsleves in. Now as for Rafe he will take a bit of getting used to, he needs livening up a tad during the action scenes. In the Prologue Rafe's speech does seem to flip around a bit, for example he seems an almost different person when he say 'most ill mannered' when talking about the discourteous ship. He then sounds too jovial like he is just on trip on the local boating lake and someone has splashed him and he would say 'Oh charming, how rude'. He should have sounded more contemplative, serious and a little puzzled especially with the seriousness of the situation. I can't really complain though as you already seem adept at striking the right balance of tone 99% of the time. Like when he's talking about the poison arrows, and the whole of the following battle scene.

I most enjoyed the exotic characters in the Prologue, nice wide range of accents to pull off. Seems a bloody hard trick to pull off, suprising that you even manage to get them done on time. All I can really say is that the book is certainly keeping me hooked and not something I mind PayPalling you for, for an initial effort i'm struggling to find things you can improve on!

Now this mail turns to Billibub (as always), You know I want Billibub!

p.s. Don't use the word bling again!, it's damn 'orrid.

— Peter H.
Yorkshire, England

The book is great and you're doing an excellent job reading.  I can't wait to find  enough time to get through the rest of the book. Thanks!

— Bruce P.
Ellicott City, MD

Thank you for the Pod Cast of MOREVI. I have never listened to an Audo book before but I decided to give it a try. I like it, you're doing a good job!

— Ron R.
Hayward, CA

I'm very much enjoying the chapters of MOREVI being podcast. I'm also very impressed with the editing. You've done something that is relatively uncommon in audiobooks, you've spliced your voice to play characters talking over each other and cutting each other off. Neat!

I'm looking forward to hearing Chapters 9-22!

— Jesse W.
Coqutilam, British Columbia, Canada

I began it with doubts, because I've seen too many stories written about dashing rogues and beautiful princesses/queens...but I did get sucked into the story by Chapter Four, and now I'm hooked. I really appreciate the effort behind the audio production too. Good work, good story!

— Chris M.
Fort Lauderdale, FL

I just wanted to let you know that I have been listening to the Morevi podcast through the DragonPage.com and I have really been enjoying the story. The quality of the recordings and writing is first rate. You can be assurred I will be the first in line at fictionwise.com when the new Morevi book is released.

— Ed G.
Harleysville, PA

I have thoroughly enjoyed your Morevi series, and yes I will patiently wait for Chapter 8. I like my iPod and Podcasting so I can listen to good Sci-Fi & Fantasy while driving - there isn't enough in audio!

— Randall B.
Houston, TX

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